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produkty Bed Head Units MERYfun

Why do we offer MERYfun? On the children’s wards can not be boring.

Children should never fear boredom in-hospital rooms anymore.  Thanks to great variety of layouts in graphic arrangements of shapes and colors, MERYfun provides nicer and friendlier atmosphere in-hospital rooms and do not let kids be bored.  High quality standards and innovative health and safety solutions grant MERYfun more recognition among kids in hospitals.

Front graphic panels have been designed in compliance with health and safety regulations and are made of PVC or Corian®. The three-dimensional graphics may be designed  to create optically visual depth still in compliance with international health and safety regulations and standards of ergonomics.

For us safety is the priority and smile of little ones is a privilege. Anything more to wait for?

MERYfun catalog in PDF format

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