EU project

The implementation of an innovative production process of medical devices with the use of 4D CNC machine.

The objective of the project is to implement the new process of bed head units production, innovative on the regional and national scale, with the use of 4D CNC milling machine.

The implementation of the process allows reduction in production time and costs and has a significant impact on the production effectiveness.

The innovative production line brings new functionality and solutions, as well as enables extending the range of products and services along with creating a competitive advantage for the company both regionally and nationally.

The new production technology with the use of 4D CNC milling machine guarantees high accuracy of workpieces machined, minimises the number of errors and defects, definitely improves products quality, as well as decreases the machining time on each work piece by about 60% and reduces the level of noise.

A new product range – bed head units made of CORIAN (DuPont ™ Corian®) – can be developed as a result of project implementation.  MERYcomfort bed head unit is an example of such new product. It has been specially designed to combine aesthetic and functionality. It allows on proper organization of the space around the patient’s bed. The patient can find everything that is needed – electrical/ USB sockets, lighting switches, nurse call switches in easy reach at the side part of the unit. The rest of the fittings serviced by medical personnel, e.g. medical gas outlets, are located above in the in the upper part.  

The total value of the project: PLN 917,143.46

Co-financing from European Funds: PLN 225,976.44 (40% of the eligible expenditure)