Pressure reducers


HERSILL P-300 Pressure Regulators

The smallest and lightest brass oxygen pressure regulators manufactured in Europe. Manufactured with the best available materials. With the highest pressure vs flow performance. Its maximum stability, in the pressure and flow outlet, during all the range of pressure cylinder, make them to achieve an efficient oxygen use. The biggest number of flow steps (14) combined with the smallest flow range available, all together to achieve the most precise oxygen-therapy. A very high flow capacity over-pressure valve, able to maintain the pressure under any fail conditions. Available in multiple configurations for cylinder fittings, auxiliary outlets and flow scale ranges for O2 ,Air, CO2,  N2O , Argon and its mixtures.


Technical specifications:

– Options: fixed outlet pressure, fixed flow, the biggest number of flow steps ( 0-15 l / min, 0-30 l / min as standard)

– Option with humidifier (jar capacity: 300 ml., autoclavable at 121 ºC) or with tubing nipples for O2 tube

– Option with 1 or 2 cylinder fittings or without

Standard 3/4 “connection for oxygen cylinder:

-long (DNL) for cylinders d> 14cm diameter

-short (DNS) for small cylinders

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