Medical gas alarm panel SSGM-PREMIUM


This alarm panel for medical gases is used to detect irregularities in the medical gas supply in medical gas pipeline systems (i.e. falls and excessive rises in pressure), warning the user with acoustic and visual signals. For easy control, the panel is fitted with a large, colour touch-screen display which can be used to adjust the layout, channel descriptions and displayed messages to meet the user’s needs. The device can be recessed into a wall (flush-mounted) or mounted to the front side of other devices.



A new model developed by INMED, SSGM-Premium uses advanced technologies offering a number of new functionalities. The user can:

‒ monitor medical gas state from a mobile phone or other device with an internet browser with wireless internet access,

‒ record the pressure measurement history on a microSD card,

‒ be connected to the hospital’s BMS system via Modbus RTU, TCP/IP and a number of configurable digital outputs,

‒ add automatically configurable signal repeaters,

‒ connect the panel to the emergency 12V power supply with a battery level indicator,

‒ measure instantaneous flows rates and gas consumption using an external flow meter (a consumption meter, it can be zeroed out and its measuring range can be set).

These are just a selection of the new functionalities of SSGM-Premium. The Premium alarm panel offers high quality, reliability, safety, comfort of use, and a broad range of functionalities.

Available versions: AVSU, Medical Gas Plant, Medical Gas Flow

Power supply: 24V DC

Battery Backup: Li-ION 3 Cell, 11.1V

Communication: RS485 (MODBUS RTU), Ethernet (MODBUS TCP/IP), Potential Free Contacts, Integrated Web Server

History Record: microSD card slot (CSV)

Languages: PL/ EN/ RU/ FR

External Dimension: 190x115x70mm

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