Suction regulators

Regulator ssania

Suction regulator is a medical suction equipment enabling measuring and adjusting the vacuum level, within the context of medical suction.

We offer:

  • Vacusill 2HV (0-100kPa),
  • Vacusill 2LV(0-20kPa) 

Suction regulators come with with AGA, DIN, BS or AFNOR probes.  Contain overflowing security, hose adapter or with antibacterial filter. Vacusill type – hose adapters and antibacterial filter are used alternatively and come with overflowing security.

The suction regulator can be fitted:

  • directly to vacuum outlet
  • on DIN medical rail


  • reusable jars: 1l, 1.75l, 4l
  • disposable jars and suction bags (producers: Serres, Monovac)
  • VAC hose with VAC probe
  • silicone hose


Producer: HERSILL


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