INMED-Karczewscy Foundation works for the health of Palestinian inhabitants. We strive to provide our beneficiary hospital – The Shepherd Field Hospital in Beit Sahour with high technology equipment, while also developing local capacity to ensure the long-term development of the Palestinian healthcare system.

The Shepherd Field Hospital services mainly cover Bethlehem Governorate with around 200.000 inhabitants distributed over 3 towns, 3 refugee camps, and 32 villages and communities, and surrounded villages from Hebron and Jerusalem Governorates. Hospital fees are almost 30-50% less than similar health services in the region. Social cases and poor families receives the services free of charge. They treat between 45-50 social cases monthly in cooperation with charitable organizations, church-base societies and well-off community families.

The first batch of medical equipment produced by INMED will go to Palestine this month. This will include medical gas equipment as medical gas outlets, Area Valve Service Units (AVSU) to control gas pressure in the pipeline system, oxygen and air flowmeters and suction regulators and also operating lights.
Our goal is a future where patients treated by our beneficiary hospital can access an effective, professional treatment what means the full realisation of their rights to health and dignity.

You are very welcome to donate: EUR 46 1050 1575 1000 0090 3259 0029, transfer title “The Shepherd Field Hospital”.

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